Cinemachine is the result of almost two decades worth of interactive game and cinematic content creation as well as feature film Director of Photography experience.  Founder Adam Myhill has designed camera systems which are still in use in game engines such as Frostbite, he’s directed cinematic sequences on numerous games, been the Director of Photography at Electronic arts and has won awards for cinematography on feature films.   He has now put all his experience with keyed and procedural camera systems and built them into a Unity plugin.


To build the finest camera systems and tools for games, cinematics and movie pre-visualization.   To empower camera artists to spend the most time creating and iterating instead of wrestling with nonexistent or inferior  tools and controls.  To free content creators from having to get features implemented by code.  To have created camera assets be bug resistant, where they adapt to changes in vehicle or character animations, where they ‘figure out’ changes themselves.

For in-game cameras:  Enable teams to find the elusive sweet spot between playability and presentation quality.

For cinematics: Empower cutscene artists to create compelling, bug-resistant cinematic sequences and craft otherwise ‘impossible’ shots.