Proven AAA camera tools for interactive games, eSports presentation, cinematic cutscenes or any other 3D experience.

Cinemachine is a modular suite of professional camera tools for Unity that provides access to camera control at a AAA game level – for every camera in your project.

Cinemachine’s modular system empowers you to quickly and easily combine elements and build smart rigs for everything and anything, from procedural gameplay cameras to completely fixed, hand-animated cut-scenes.

Frame your action with an adaptive dynamic camera that offers an unrivalled cinematic presentation of gameplay.

The modules are smart, dynamically moving / panning / tracking the camera to film variable actors yet still follow your direction.

Cinemachine saves time, unleashes camera artists and provides solutions to the impossible.   Here’s a few examples:

  • Have your cameras track variable actors.  AI driven vehicles, user controlled characters, physics driven objects – anything – can be shot and well composed in real-time by Cinemachine cameras.
  • Bug-proof your cinematics.  Change an animation, a vehicle speed or terrain height and have your shot still work out and be well composed – even if people change the performance.
  • Attach cameras onto anything, even things which are AI driven.  Have your cameras mountable onto any game object, with rig offsets and per-channel damping controls.
  • Give your game cameras weight and believability in performance.  One of Cinemachine’s core design benchmarks is to emulate real camera-like behaviour.  We have experimented with numerous approaches in the math and underlying structures to yield the most believable camera performances.
  • Avoid the monolithic giant ball of spaghetti code camera which tries to do everything.  Build specific rigs for specific shots/situations/game modes/anything and blend seamlessly between them.
  • Experiment !  No need to write any code to try out that crazy camera idea.
  • Add a completely unified camera system to your project.  Trigger any gameplay or cinematic camera at any moment and have any camera blend/cut to any other camera.  No more cinematics bolted onto the side of your project, glide seamlessly between them.
  • Create easy to use state machine camera setups.   Trigger cameras based on game events and define the cuts and blends quickly and easily
  • Make cutscenes and cinematics of variable events.   Easily setup cinematic sequences of gameplay events.

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