Cinematics: Unleash an army of smart camera operator robots which follow your direction

Just because it’s a canned cutscene doesn’t mean that some computer-vision cinematic robots can’t save the day – they certainly will – because they’re smart.

Did you spend an entire day laying out cameras only to find out that a bunch of character animations have changed? With Cinemachine this isn’t a worry, since the cameras ‘see’ the shot and compose it based on your direction.  The cameras will track the new animations and keep things properly composed!

Cinemachine cameras are very bug resistant. Changes to speeds, animations, physics, level layout – practically anything which alters a performance – are handled by the keen eye of the Cinemachine camera operators.  Simply define how you’d like the shot to be composed and the camera will do its best to keep the subject in the right place. You describe how aggressively the camera composes each shot with dampening controls defined in screen space – just like how humans do it.

Plays nice with others – Cinemachine works amazingly well with timeline editors like Cinema Director for sequencing cameras and animating camera parameters.