Cameras are the window into the world of your project.  Game genre is defined by camera – 1st person shooter, 3rd person action adventure, top-down, etc., and it’s important they’re good!  Bad cameras can let an entire project down.   Great cameras can raise the project’s quality bar substantially.

Cinemachine allows you to create powerful cameras very quickly, so you can add a pile of smart cameras to your project or spend more time on other things.

The system has been designed as an entirely unified camera suite.   Seamlessly blend from gameplay cameras to cinematics and back.  There’s no need to have your cutscenes be separate events as any class of camera can blend to any other class.

Call cameras with game events, a timeline sequencer, trigger volumes in the world – anything – and define custom blends between any two shots for unparalleled control.

Cinemachine allows you to define a custom rig and set of controls for each shot and allows you to sequence or set relationships between any and all of your cameras.

The Cinemachine modules have been designed, deployed, tuned, improved, iterated on, redesigned and refined over and over again on multiple AAA projects spanning years.   They’re simple, light, endlessly configurable and provide beautiful results.

The best of all?  You can do all of this without help from a programmer.

For less than the cost of a day of work, you can have a camera system which has been in progress for over a decade.

Why not have a look at the Documentation?

Get Cinemachine at the Unity Asset Store: Coming very soon.  It has been submitted to the Asset Store.