Documentation: Game Rig

Currently in development is the add-on Cinemachine module Game Rig

Game Rig is an additional set of components for Cinemachine. You need to have Cinemachine Base Rig already for it to work.   Game Rig will not work on its own, it’s a plug-in for Cinemachine Base Rig.

Incredibly sophisticated 3rd person action adventure free-look ‘orbit’ camera which allows for an unprecedented amount of control

The ultimate driving camera.  For any driving / flying / follow cam.  We previously designed camera systems on AAA driving games and Reactor is the result of that experience, giving you the highest level of control.

A robust suite of camera collision tools which keep your shots from getting tangled with the world.  Collider respects the desired composition of your frame when using Composer, so it checks that what you are looking at isn’t obstructed. Compositional based collision checking.

An array of camera sub-shots which will test against Collider to see if the shot is valid.  It has randomization controls so you can add incredible variability to replays, player intros, death sequences, etc.