5/5 stars Current review on the Unity Asset Store

review  “WOW! Just WOW! Buy it if you want make wow cinematics.” – ruth-salguero, Asset Store review.

“Importing and setting up Cinemachine achieves in mere minutes what would take months of time to achieve from scratch. It immediately provides a silky smooth, responsive and highly customizable triple-A camera system. When prototyping new projects, having a robust, bug-free camera working in just an hour or two leaves so much more time for focusing on more critical systems and problems, and that same camera system can easily carry the project through to release. The intuitive framing and target-following tools provides the flexibility for creating a high-quality camera in a very short amount of time, regardless of game genre, and the camera blending options allow for quick setup of graceful transitions between in-game cameras and / or cinematic cameras. Frankly, I can’t imagine ever working on another project without it; Cinemachine has easily joined the ranks of my standard game development toolset.”  – Elliot Hudson, Designer, Blackbird Interactive

“Holy smokes, you guys hit this out of the park. I absolutely love this system!” – Chris Park Arcen Games

“First of all: this is the best Camera plugin ever. We are thrilled with the results we are getting. The control over the look of the camera in-game is amazing.” – Olivier Lamontagne, Frimastudio

“Oh and as someone who fought splines for hours in Matinee and felt the pain of a vector based text editor only camera tool I must say the ease of use and the incredible dampening logic is really something, looking forward to continue to explore the tool.” – Kevin Maloney, HBS Studios

“Been waiting for this asset to be released, and after spending only an hour with it, I can say that it honestly lives up to the hype! Easy to install and setup, and I haven’t encountered any bugs or issues yet either. Being able to compose your shot rather than hand animating cameras is such an intuitive way to work, and takes away a lot of the frustration that comes with creating cutscenes – not to mention the doors it opens up for creating more dynamic gameplay cameras as well.”  –Justin Draper, Hideaway Game Studios

review  “This tool is amazing. A real helper to make your scenes have that AAA look with your camera movement. It’s really easy to use, the documentation is well done, the feedback from the developer is great.” – David Ville, Asset Store review

review  “Best camera plugin ever. Like other reviewers had said, this is simply the best camera solution right now in the asset store. Its powerful yet simple to use functions make building your own camera system a breeze, and you can focus on how to make camera look good instead of worrying about blending logics.  And a huge bonus is that Cinemachine works with Cinema Director and Slate (two of the best cut- scene creators)out of box. (it works very well with Sate without official support). Not only it enables you to make pro level cut-scenes, you can also make a cut-scene that is a visual presentation of your game in action. I have spend two days to make a combat showcase so my team members can get a feeling of what we are working to before gameplay development starts. Without Cinemachine I would say such cut-scene will take me more that 1 week! And any Cinemachine parameters and settings use in the show case cut-scene can go into real gameplay!” – Vamky, Asset Store review

review  “Simply the best. In terms of general camera components that are tracking a target, this is absolutely the best. The way this is set up is just brilliant, and the way it has virtual cameras that you can blend through is also amazing. If you’re looking to do framing for cutscenes, or to do a series of fixed camera positions, or to do one or more cameras that you dolly yourself, this is absolutely the project to get.” -x4000, Asset Store review